Prof. José Serebrenik


Graduated from Buenos Aires' Instituto Superior
del Profesorado "Dr.Joaquín V. González"

A student in Prof. Serebrenik's class.

The endings are always fun in my Field classes.

Individual or group classes of English / Spanish as a foreign language

Each of us has a particular learning style that changes slowly throughout the different stages and circumstances of life. This is the reason why individual or small group classes are the best for the qualified teacher to :

  • 1. Decide the teaching strategies that meet the student's particular learning style profile.
  • 2. Negotiate with the learner some of the contents, objectives and procedures that best fit his/her needs and goals.
  • 3. Discuss the time and energies the student will invest in the process so as to plan work more effectively.
  • 4. Take whatever seems more useful from each methodology to attain the expected objectives.

Crash and regular courses tailored to your specific level and needs

  • Flexible schedules all year round

  • Argentine teacher with a 25-year international experience

  • Rioplatense and/or Global Spanish

  • Free interview includes:
      a) placement test
      b)Learning channel preference checking

  • Teaching materials designed for your specific needs

  • Conversation

  • Workshops on Argentine culture and our exclusive system of field lessons

  • I can also go to your office or home